Costco Holiday Toy Deals 2019


No sooner is summer over that retail stores turn their attention to Christmas. Cosco is no different, and it’s once again that time of year! The retail giant just wheeled out its annual supplies of children’s toys. So, whether you’re looking to stock up on Christmas gifts early or have a birthday ahead, now’s the time to hit Cosco.

1. LEGO Classic (1500 pieces): $39.99

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When it comes to Christmas gifts, LEGO will never disappoint. This Christmas, Cosco is offering a LEGO Classic set that contains a whopping 1,500 bricks including wheels, windows, doors, eyes, and other shapes. The set offers three levels of building complexity to suit a diverse range of needs. It also includes age-appropriate instructions that will get your little constructors up and running in no time. The only limit is their imagination. Who knows, maybe this is where your child picks up a passion that will take them to college later in life?

2. KidKraft Grand Estate Dollhouse: $149.99


This could well be the ultimate dollhouse. The KidKraft Grand Estate Dollhouse is a five-foot-tall mansion consisting of eight rooms, a garage with functioning doors, an elevator and two balconies spanning four levels. Kids will have hours of fun as they rearrange the 26-piece furniture set, complete with BBQ grill, patio chairs, and even an outdoor ceiling fan. If this house was real, it would definitely cost a fortune in home insurance, to say the least. But it’s not, so let your kids enjoy their fantasies carelessly!

3. Laser X (4 Count): $49.99


There’s no need to head out to the laser tag arena when you can have your own at home with Laser X. This Laser X set includes four blasters and four receiver vests, allowing up to four players to hit the ground and launch an attack, be it as individuals or as members of a team. The bright lighting effects enable players to keep track of the score while the interactive voice coach dishes out valuable feedback throughout the game. These fun-inducing non-visible lasers can be used both inside and outside and can hit targets up to 200’ away. What a fun way to spend all their energy!

4. Barbie Dream Careers Set $19.99

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The Barbie Dream Careers range is designed to teach young children that they can be whatever they want to be. It also encourages children to be bold, curious and ambitious. Kids will love playing with Barbie, her fun, funky clothing and her fashion accessories.

5. Auto Show Collection (8 Count): $17.99


The Auto Show Collection features high-quality die-cast premium cars, which feature functioning doors and a pull-back mechanism. A great gift for children aged three and above.

6. Disney Lights & Sounds Activity Plane Ride-On: $29.99


Hop aboard and join Minnie on an exciting space adventure! This durable activity plane ride-on features rotating light-up propellers, fun sounds and a light-up dashboard. Children can use the handles to steer the plane, hit the lift-off button to activate exciting sound effects or spin the roller to discover quirky images. The ride-on plane comes complete with a guide-wheel that helps to ensure that your little ones maintain stability when steering sharp corners. There is also a backseat handle for push-along fun.

7. Atomic Power Popper 2X: $14.99


Get your children out in the great outdoors with the fantastic Atomic Power Popper, a fun toy that can fire foam balls up to 20 feet away. The faster your child pumps the handles, the quicker the balls launch. These toy guns come complete with 84 foam balls for an epic, harmless battle.

8. LEGO Friends Andrea’s Pool Party: $37.99


Avid music fan LEGO® Friends are throwing a pool party, and it is set to be the event of the year. Don’t miss out on the fun! As the party gets into full swing, help fitness fanatic LEGO Friends Stephanie perfect her surfing skills on the awesome wave machine before you hit the water yourself via the pool waterfall. All that activity is thirsty work. Indulge in a fresh juice from the pool bar as you kick back on a flamingo pool inflatable. But don’t get too comfortable; some of the other pool guests have found the water gun! After a fantastic day chilling out with friends, freshen up in the changing rooms before hitting the night scene looking fabulous. You will have guessed, this set is designed to stimulate anyone’s imagination!

9. Fisher-Price Tap & Teach Musical Gift Set: $19.99


Featuring vivid light effects, vibrant music and a wealth of educational phrases to learn, the Laugh & Learn® Tap & Teach Musical Gift Set from Fisher-Price is the perfect Christmas gift for any music-mad toddler. The Laugh & Learn® Puppy’s Piano and Music Modes will soon have your children making music by themselves. What’s more, the fantastic Learning Mode will help your child learn about numbers, colors, shapes, and letters of the alphabet in a fun and relaxing manner. Hours of fun await. Who knows, your kid’s passion for music might bring them to a music degree later in life!

10. Disney Princess Sparkling Styles Small Doll Set $19.99


Not many children can resist the allure of a Disney Princess, and the Disney Princess Sparkling Styles range is sure to be another winner. Each of the collectable dolls comes complete with a clip-on dress. Try and collect them all and your child can mix and match the colourful outfits to their heart’s content. A fantastic stocking filler that will lead to hours of imaginary play.

11. Paw Patrol Chase’s Ride N Rescue: $14.99


Set your little one off in pursuit of justice on Chase’s Ride ‘n’ Rescue! Children will be transfixed as they open up this PAW Patrol police car to find an action-packed playset that resembles a scene right out of the PAW Patrol cartoon. Once they’ve completed the three missions—rescuing Cali the cat from a roof, a bunny from a container, and the gopher family from under a tree—Chase’s newest recruits can embark on some adventures all of their own.

12. Think Box Thinking Puzzles: $18.99


Get your children’s brains into gear with the fabulous puzzles from Think Box! Each of the eight 3D wooden and metal puzzles is designed to get those cogs whirring and encourage children to apply logic and analytical skills to find solutions. These high-quality games are constructed from Chinese Cherry Wood and will make a great display piece and gift for any avid puzzle solver. Practice those analytical, logical skills so your kids can make it to college, or even university!

13. Hatchimals Colleggtibles (30 Count): $29.99 or $0.99 each


Christmas would not be Christmas without an appearance from the Hatchimals. This year, Costco is offering the Season 4 Hatchimals CollEGGtibles. What’s new? These beauties shine brightly when they are placed on a light. With over 80 new characters to collect, you may want to get a head start with the ULTIMATE HATCH 30 pack experience! Once you have warmed the eggshell and met your new friend, place it over a light to see its light shine. This year, Hatchimals also come in five touch-inducing finishes: fuzzy, glitter, metallic, glow in the dark, and shining tummy.

14. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2: $39.99


The perfect gift for tech-savvy kids, the Kidizoom® Smartwatch DX2 by VTech® features a functional camera and some games. It even teaches little ones how to tell the time! Children will love the trendy and sleek design of this durable smartwatch that can be fully customized using any one of 55 different designs. The stylish characters will also help to familiarize your child with telling the time. Moreover,  the watch can be customized using images children have taken by themselves using the built-in camera. The battery-powered watch can be recharged using the included micro-USB cable.

15. Kid Galaxy Poseable Dinosaurs (6 Count): $13.99


Transport your child back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth! These fantastic posable figures include moving legs, mouths, arms, and wings.

16. Baby Alive Hairstyle Baby $19.99

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Baby Alive Cute Hairstyles Baby doll needs some pampering and TLC! Children will spend hours plating, styling, and coloring her hair. Once her hair is perfected, feed her with the included bottle, and she will even wet her diaper.

17. Arcade1Up Pac-Man: $349.99


Share the joy of your youth with your own children with this fantastic retro Arcade1UP game. Enjoy hours of family fun as you reconnect with old favorites such as Pac Man. A wide range of versions are available. The Arcade itself is constructed to commercial-grade, and it features coinless operation as well as the original control setup. Combine this with high-resolution, full-color displays and the original artwork of the old-school staples, and you’re set to enjoy hours of gaming fun.

18. Vex Robotics Launchers (4 Pack): $36.99

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If you’re looking for a gift idea that combines entertainment with education, you need to look no further. The VEX® Robotics Launchers four-pack bundle has everything required to get your child on the right path to mastering STEM. From basic construction tasks to complex engineering concepts, these hands-on building components can be combined with motorized devices.  Your child will create fantastic robotic devices that can complete a myriad of tasks including catapulting balls, firing a crossbow and launching darts.

19. American Girl Wellie Wishers Baking Set: $59.99


If you have an avid WellieWishers™ fan on your hands, this gift will not disappoint. Your child will have hours of fun as they bake cookies with Dolly, create a pretend gingerbread house and cook up a storm with their Dolly. There is even a super cute matching hat and apron.

20. Smithsonian 5″ Plasma Ball: $17.99

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This is one Christmas gift that is sure to captivate. Watch with amazement as this mesmerizing plasma ball creates fascinating lighting effects that respond to sound, music, and touch. The plasma ball includes a lamp, an electric transformer, and a colored instruction poster.