These 10 Tips Will Help You Look Younger and Doesn’t Require Makeup or Surgery

Are you looking at yourself in the mirror, wondering where your pretty young face has gone? No need of makeup or surgery to get it back with these 10 tips.


We all want to look younger at some point in your life, but no need to think of surgery for this. Sometimes, however, we do not know how to get there. Discover 10 ways to look younger by avoiding cosmetics and cosmetic surgery. We suggest, among these means, some makeup mistakes to avoid at the risk of appearing older.

10Avoid red and brown blush

Don’t apply blush on your cheeks unless you are still in high school. You should avoid brown and red ones. If you really want to opt for this type of beauty product, opt for colors that are similar to your natural complexion or for a cream formula, in order to have a beautiful finish.