7 bathroom cleaning & organisation hacks

There is no need for your bathroom to look like a trash can. Here are 7 bathroom tricks that are essential.


These tips have been proven as winners. Honestly, you’ll have no problem executing them, and they’ll probably become part of your everyday life! The video at the end of the article pretty much sums up what to do!

Here are 7 bathroom hacks that have proven to be successful around my home!

1. Silence Your Toilet Seat

When closing the ring of your toilet seat, God knows men usually don’t put it down gently. The noise can get extremely annoying, especially in the middle of the night. Here is the trick: cut a cork in 4 slices. Then glue your pieces of wine corks onto the underside of the seat. You could also use 4 felt pads. Now enjoy how it muffles the sound of the crashing porcelain and it will also help stabilize the seat.

2. Adapting Your Phone to the Shower

Did you know you could still use your touch screen through a plastic bag? Entertain your children while you are having them taking a bath or save some precious time in the morning by looking at your emails in the shower. You can now multitask in a water environment and look forward to cleaning the shower while also watch a movie as an example.

3. Fidget Spinner

Have you ever felt bad to leave a very unpleasant smell in someone else’s bathroom? If you can’t find the bathroom spray, stuff the toilet paper roll full of dryer sheets. Just remove the holder and wrap it with 3 or 4 sheets before putting it back in. The spinner will release a fresh smell while rolling.

4. Keep Your Toilet Brush Clean

Add a little bit of all-purpose cleaner or bleach into the bottom of your toilet brush holder. It helps clean your brush at all time. Also, give your brush time to dry by leaving it in between the bowl and the toilet seat.

5. Preemptive Toilet Attack

Make your own to save half price of what you will find on the shelves. Simply mix rubbing alcohol, essential oil and water in a spray bottle. it’s also helpful to add few drops of food colouring to know where you are spraying in the bowl and make sure you are getting a full coverage.

6. Funky Smell in the Bathroom

If you start smelling something funky in the bathtub, it could be your shower curtain. Don’t bother a huge headache and simply remove it and wash it in the washer machine. Especially when your curtains are dipping the water for years.

7. Unclog Your Toilet

There are many different ways to unclog your bowl, but we suggest to use a mop. Wrap and seal a plastic bag around the end, and you are ready to plunge it. Work it back and forth in a motion that is going to push down as much air as possible.

Watch the video below for 2 extra tricks

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