15 Tricks To Fool Even The Best Burglars

We live in a world where it is hard to feel completely safe. Here are 15 tricks to fool the best burglars!


Security should be a top priority when you’re taking care of your home. It is so simple for burglars to steal valuable objects these days. Some people set up many locks on their doors and have high tech alarms in their homes but what happens when a persistent burglar gets inside? If in doubt, use some old tricks to hide your things. After all, house alarms can fail, doors can be broken so if someone does get in, it is best to anticipate their arrival. Here are 15 creatives tricks to keep your valuables safe. Don’t hesitate to come up with other ideas!

15. Hide your valuable objects under your fridge

Place your valuable objects (small ones like passports and important documents) in a sealed plastic bag under your fridge to make sure burglars don’t find them. This way, you will know exactly where they are at all times.

14. Take off the lid of your vacuum’s garbage

Take off part of your vacuum (the place where the dirt goes) and turn it into a hiding spot. Make sure your items are small enough to fit and you’ll be ready to go.

13. Hide your emergency key outside

Little Things

Take an old container (like a pill container) and glue the lid to a rock. Place your keys inside the container and bury it in the earth.

12. Make a secret compartment

This egg beater is actually the handle to a secret compartment. You can put anything in there and access your stuff very easliy.

11. Stow your objects under your cabinets

The piece of wood under your cabinet can be removed. Nobody will think of lifting every plank of wood of your kitchen. It’s the best hiding spot.

10. Hide your stuff in a subtle place

Hide little objects that are important in places that no one will suspect.

9. Use foldback binder clips

Use foldback binder clips to hide important documents in small spaces. This way, they can  be easily recovered but no one will suspect to look there for anything precious.

8. Hide your things in a vent

House vents are are a great place to hide things. You can stock it up with money or other valuable objects. It’s less obvious than a safe but when you screw it back on, it’s as safe!

7. Use your keyboard

Almost every house has one, but how often do people use it these days? The popularity of laptop computers has made computer keyboards obsolete. Why not use it as a hiding space?

6. Camouflage your key in this decorative project

A burglar will never have enough time to try all these keys. Make this clever project and hide your emergency key in it.

5. Hide your money in the garden

Your garden is one of the last places a burglar will look to find your money. All you have to do is place money in a pill bottle and then hide it in the earth. No one will guess to look there!

4. Make a hole in a door

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This person has drilled a deep hole in his door to keep his money and USB key with important documents. Genius!

3. Use your garage door

Same for your garage door opener. The electric box that controls your garage door is a great place to hide emergency money that no one will ever find.

2. Hide your valuable objects in an old mayonnaise container

An empty and clean mayonnaise pot painted white is a great hiding place. After all, no one will check inside an old mayonnaise pot! You can hide jewellery, money, and other important family things.

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