Now that I know this trick, my perfume lasts all day

We all know that people who smell good attract people around them. Do you ever wonder what their secret is? Here are 10 tips to always smell good!


Have you ever noticed that some people always smell good? These people constantly attract people around them, unlike people who smell bad. Obviously, the people that always smell good don’t smell this good naturally. To constantly emit wonderful smells, there are certain hacks that can help. Here are 10 tips to smell good daily.

10Hydrate yourself


You probably already know that it is important to keep yourself hydrated. Did you know that staying hydrating also helps to make you smell good? When you drink water, you hydrate your body which makes your skin soft. Perfume sinks in the skin much better when the skin is hydrated than when the skin is dry. Drink at least 1 litre per day for this hack to work.