10 perfect hairstyles for women with short hair

It's not because you have short hair that you can't style your hair the way you want to style it! Here are 10 cute and hairstyles for women with short hair!


It is not always easy to try new hairstyles, especially when you have short hair. It can seem as though there aren’t many styling options for women with short hair. We leave our hair down, without much thought. However, styling short hair is not as hard as we might think. There are tons of ways to style them when you have the right technique and a little bit of imagination. Here are 10 fabulous hairstyles to try if you have short hair.

10Voluminous curls


Viola Davis’ hair, which is curled in a lateral way is an incredibly flattering hairstyle for anyone with a bob or lob. To replicate this hairstyle, use a curling iron.