20 astonishing tricks to try with Vaseline

Your Vaseline pot can be used for other things than hydrating your lips or your dry skin. Before we dive right in the various uses of petroleum jelly, here's a little more on this invention.


Vaseline is a petroleum-based product that forms a non-irritant hypoallergenic jelly. It is usually used to deeply hydrate dry and damaged skin to accelerate the recovery process. Fun fact, vaseline is what we can call an accidental discovery. Petroleum jelly was simply a by-product of oil extraction, and American inventor Robert Chesebrough noticed oil rig workers were using the substance to treat burns and cuts. He then brought the substance back to his lab and extracted the vaseline we know today.

Since its creation in 1859, Vaseline has been used in the same ways, over and over. However, you can use Vaseline for other things that are around your real estate. Discover twenty ingenious ways to use it, from beauty treatment to home repairs. You won’t believe what you can do with it. What’s even greater with Vaseline is that it is way cheaper than many products it can replace. Make great savings by introducing Vaseline in your daily life.

20. Make a homemade exfoliant

Mix some Vaseline with Kosher salt to create an efficient exfoliant. This mixture will exfoliate as well as hydrate your skin. To exfoliate your lips, use sugar instead of salt with the Vaseline. No need to purchase a large array of beauty products anymore.

19. Make your skin glow

Most face illuminators have a sparkling effect. If you don’t like sparkles, switch your illuminator for some Vaseline. This is a highlighter for college students on a budget!

18. Fix your zippers

Apply some Vaseline on your zippers that don’t work correctly anymore to make them good as new. No need to go shopping for something you already own, right?

17. Remove makeup

You can use some Vaseline to remove your makeup. All you need to do is put a bit on a cotton pad and take off your makeup like you normally do! This is a great tip if you’re not home, say in a cabin you are renting with friends, or if you don’t have any makeup remover at your fingertips.

16. Remove scratches from your cellphone

If your phone screen has some scratches, rub a bit of Vaseline on the scratches without too much pressure and then wipe the excess off. It will look good as new without breaking the bank.

15. Remove marks on your leather boots

As with your cellphone, Vaseline can remove scratches and marks from your leather boots. Dip a cotton pad in the Vaseline and rub it on the scratched areas of your boots and you are ready to hit the market or the bar in style.

14. Prevent paint stains

To prevent you from getting some paint stains around what you’re painting, apply a bit of Vaseline in the areas that you would like to keep paint-free. The paint won’t stick to the Vaseline. This is a great tip for any new homeowners… especially if they are not mortgage-free. We’ll add that careless college students could also avoid costly mistakes if they are painting themselves their rented room.

13. Fix squeaky doors

A bit of Vaseline in your keyholes and hinges will avoid you having to purchase some lubricants. Your doors won’t make noise anymore and your keys won’t have any trouble locking or opening your doors.

12. Remove makeup stains

If you drop some makeup powder on your clothes, put some Vaseline on a humid washcloth and rub the stain. You can also use this trick for pillows and covers that are stained with makeup. Make a conference call and tell all your friends immediately!

11. Eliminate hair frizz

A (very) small amount of Vaseline is the perfect remedy to eliminate frizz. Put some on your ends to tame and hydrate your hair. Is that one conference call worthy as well?

10. Improve your eye cream

If you don’t like your eye cream, you can make it better by adding a small amount of Vaseline to the cream. Vaseline retains water that’s present in your skin, so you will get more skin benefits… And you’ve been loading up your credit card with all kinds of beauty creams all this time.

9. Avoid insect bites

Insects don’t like Vaseline. Rub some on your arms and legs to avoid getting stung. Works a lot better than having to purchase treatment for insect bites.

8. Put your earrings on more easily

Sometimes, putting on earrings can be tricky, especially if you haven’t worn them in a while. Fix this problem by putting some Vaseline on the stem to make your life easier.

7. Clean your wooden furniture

If you have watermarks on your wooden table, don’t panic! With a bit of Vaseline, you can remove it completely. Apply the Vaseline directly on the stain and leave it on for the night. The next morning your table will look good as new.

6. Make your own lipstick

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You bought a lipstick but you find it too dark? You can dilute it by mixing it with some Vaseline on your hand. You will obtain a lighter colour. You can also use this trick with gloss. Put on a little foundation and you are ready to go.

5. Make your perfume smell last longer

Apply a thin layer of Vaseline where you apply your perfume so the smell lasts longer. That way, you can make the most of those last drops until your next payday.

4. Create a smokey eye


If you want to create a smokey eye worthy of a fashion magazine, add a bit of Vaseline to your eyelids.

3. Relieve your irritated nose


Your nose is red and irritated because of a cold? You can relieve it by applying a bit of Vaseline. If the sides of your nose are irritated and dry, put some Vaseline on them. You will automatically feel better and you won’t have to purchase specialized products.

2. Massage yourself


You can replace traditional massage oil by Vaseline if you want a quick massage. You’ll get a great treatment even if you are out of your favorite scented oil.

1. Make your nail polish last longer

Apply some Vaseline directly on your cuticles after the nail polish so it stays stuck on your nails and doesn’t flake.

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