Discover all the tips from flight attendants to travel hassle-free

If you're going on a trip soon, you'll probably enjoy learning these travel tips and tricks. They all come from experienced flight attendants.


It’s no secret that travelling takes a lot of organization. Of course, we can organize ourselves using lists, but sometimes this does not prevent us from encountering certain problems during our trip, whether we are on a plane or on a cruise ship. However, some problems can be solved with clever ideas. Here are some tips found by experienced flight attendants. Let’s bet that these will make your travel experience much more enjoyable.

1Use Twitter to communicate with the airline’s customer service

The fastest, easiest, and most effective way to get in contact with the airline’s customer service is to use Twitter. Every time your flight is delayed, send them a tweet and you’ll be surprised by the rapidity in which you receive an answer (sometimes you can receive an answer after only 30 minutes). The customer service representatives can help you book a new flight, give you a credit for your flight and more.