Here are some everyday objects who’s purpose you ignored before today

We have the habit of using everyday objects in a certain way...But it might not be the right way. Here are some objects you might not be using correctly.


Every day, we use a ton of various objects in our daily lives. We rarely ask ourselves questions about how we are supposed to use them. Usually, we simply use them instinctively. So, sometimes we don’t use everyday objects properly but without knowing it. Here are 24 things that you have probably used in the wrong way all your life and so you ignore their real purpose even to this day.

1Have you ever noticed the small holes in plane windows?

Sean Gladwell / Getty Images, Phasuthorndesign / Getty Images

The small holes are there for two reasons: the first is to compensate for the air pressure. When the plane goes up in the air, there is an enormous difference in the pressure inside and outside of the plane. The hole is there to regulate a part of this pressure difference in order to take a load off the exterior window. The other reason there are holes is to avoid the windows from fogging up.