15 ways to help you reduce the time you spend on household cleaning chores

Tired of spending your whole weekend cleaning the house? Here are 15 smart ideas to reduce the time you spend cleaning so you can enjoy fun activities!


Studies show that adults spend 7 to 19 hours a week cleaning their homes. The figures vary according to different factors: age and social status, the type of home (two-story house, bungalow, apartment, etc.), the number of rooms to clean and the cleaning methods used. However, there are many really effective cleaning tips that can make cleaning much easier. Here are some easy and effective cleaning tips. Once you’ve tried these tips, cleaning your home will never seem like an endless chore to you again.

1. Use socks to clean your window shutters

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Washing window shutters can be very difficult, especially since a cloth can accidentally get caught on something. An old sock can be an excellent tool for this task if you place your hand in it.

2. Clean your baking dishes with aluminum paper

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To easily wash your baking dishes, you can use an aluminum paper ball and a little bit of liquid dish soap and scrub.

3. Clean your toilets with vinegar and paper towels

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It is much easier to remove dirt from the toilet if you pour a cleaning product into the toilet before scrubbing. To do this, first, pour vinegar on a few paper towels. Put them in the toilet and leave them there for a few hours. After that, all you have to do is quickly scrub your bowl to wash it completely.

4. Make your sinks sparkle with toothpaste


To make your sinks sparkle, you can use a sponge filled with toothpaste to scrub the sinks.

5. Clean your fabric furniture with rubber cloves


Use rubber gloves to remove all your pet’s hairs from your fabric furniture. These kinds of gloves attract dirt.

6. Clean stainless steel with shaving cream

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Stainless steel faucets and surfaces are easy to clean if you use shaving cream and then dry these surfaces. You can also use this kind of cream to get rid of stains on carpets.

7. Remove scratches from furniture with nuts


To hide small scratches on wooden furniture, you should polish them with nuts, since these contain natural oils. After that, polish the surface of your furniture with a soft, dry cloth. This will make scratches and other marks less visible.

8. Use alcohol to make your appliances sparkle


An excellent way to polish stainless steel surfaces on appliances like microwaves, kettles, and toasters is to use alcohol (you can use vodka). You only need a few drops of alcohol and a soft cloth to wash these appliances.

9. Organize your objects with trays and seperators

Instagram via @simplyorganized
Instagram via @simplyorganized

In order not to mix all your personal belongings in your drawers and to find them more easily, you can use small containers and trays to divide everything. Put them in different drawers and organize your things as you see fit. This will help you reduce cleaning time because everything will already be in place.

10. Store your objects inside your cabinets

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The inside of your cabinet doors can also help you save space and sort your various personal belongings. All you have to do is buy hooks and brackets. You can organize different bottles, jars, brushes, etc.

11. Place your personal objects vertically

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Towels and clothes you place in drawers have to be stored vertically and in rows. This is the simplest way to find your clothes and towels quickly.

12. Use your pillowcases


Ironed and folded sheets are kept better in pillowcases, divided into kits.

13. Use a magazine rack to store and organize your personal belongings


A magazine rack can be used not only in the bathroom for bathroom products but can also be used in the kitchen for cans, cake pans and other kitchen articles.

14. Use ketchup to make brass shine


To make brass shine, pour some ketchup on it and use a sponge to spread it everywhere with circular motions. After, use a cloth to clean the residue ketchup and wash off all the excess off the brass object. You can add salt if the brass is quite hard to clean.

15. Wash your windows with baking soda and vinegar


Dirt and dust are often found in the corners of windows. Fortunately, you can clean your windows with baking soda and vinegar. Leave the mixture on the windows for 5 to 10 minutes, then use a toothbrush to move the mixture from the corner to the center of the window. Then remove the mixture with a cloth.


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