Here are 10 of the best ways to use soft drinks for your household chores

As acidic as a battery, studies prove that consuming the popular soft drink Coke daily could cause major health problems to humans. Scary!


Almost as acidic as a battery, the sparkling beverage with a pH of about 2.5 has no positive effect on one’s health. Studies show that a daily consumption of Coke could cause significant health problems. However, Coke can be very useful for other everyday reasons. Having a very acid pH, Coke or any other soft drink of this kind is a great thing to have in your home when it comes to creating a homemade cleaner. Here are some ways to use it daily:

10. Remove rust

Easily remove rust with aluminum foil, a cloth or a sponge drenched in Coke.

9. Eliminate stains after an injury 

All you need to do is scrub with a cloth soaked in Coke to make all the stains disappear.

8. Eliminate oil stains

Like for rust, oil does not resist Coke. Just soak the stains with this beverage and you’ll see that all your stains will have disappeared.

7. Clean your pots and pans

Empty a small bottle of the soft drink in your pot and pans and let the liquid do its job. After a bit of time, your pots and pans will look good as new.

6. Clean your car motor

This is not a new technique, even businesses use this trick. All you need to do is scrub the motor with Coke to clean everything.

5. Make your coins shine

This is probably the most known cleaning trick. If you leave a coin submerged in Coke for a few hours, it will come out looking shiny and new.

4. Eliminate stains on porcelain

Nothing is better than this soft drink to eliminate old stains.

3. Clean your toilet bowls

Yes! Who would have thought that you could wash your toilet bowl with a bottle of Coke? Just pour some all around the bowl and let it do its job.

2. Make chrome shine


Aluminum foil and a bit of Coke can make the outside of your car shine.

1. Eliminate scratches on metal furniture

Place a towel soaked in Coke on the scratched furniture.

It is not hard to believe that Coke is more beneficial for our household chores than for our health.

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