30 symptoms of major depressive disorder to look out for

Depression is a very common disorder that touches many people. Talk to your doctor if you have some of these 30 symptoms of major depressive disorder.


Depression affects millions of people worldwide and can have devastating effects if it isn’t treated properly. With 6 different types of depression: major depression, atypical depression, dysthymia, postpartum depression, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and seasonal affective disorder, there are a lot of different symptoms that can uncover this disorder. Here are 30 symptoms of major depressive disorder to look out for. Of course, it is important to talk to your doctor in order to be properly diagnosed.

1. Feeling sad

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People with depression will often feel sad, without really knowing why. They will feel this way even when they are doing mundane daily activities.

2. Feeling irritable


Being depressed doesn’t mean you’re only sad, some people will feel irritated and angry since they are not happy with what is happening in their life.

3. Feeling frustrated


Oftentimes, people with depression will feel frustrated with small, unimportant things that normally, they wouldn’t make a big deal out of it.

4. Focusing on the small things


They will often have tunnel vision and focus on small things, not seeing the big picture. These small problems will be hard to deal with and will take them a long time to get over.

5. Not having any fun

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Depressed people will have trouble having fun. Even if they spend a few hours with their friends and crack a smile, when they go back home, they will feel as depressed as before.

6. Experiencing a loss of libido


Unfortunately, many depressed people experience a decrease or complete loss of their libido. They won’t crave or even enjoy sex with their significant other.

7. Losing interest in daily activities

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Depressed people will not want to go to work, not want to clean their house, not want to do any of the daily activities they were used to doing.

8. Experiencing insomnia


A lot of things can go through your mind when you are depressed, which means you can find it very difficult to fall asleep. Insomnia is very common with depressed people.

9. Sleeping a lot

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On the other hand, some people will sleep excessively because they don’t want to get up in the morning and start their day.

10. Overeating

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Overeating when sad is a common symptom with people with depression. They will “eat their feelings” and find comfort and pleasure in stuffing their faces with various junk food.

11. Losing your appetite

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On the contrary, some people may experience a total loss of appetite. Anxiety and feeling nauseous are often the main reasons why depressed people lose their appetite.

12. Feeling restless

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Twitches, foot tapping, short attention span, some depressed individuals will feel restless without knowing why.

13. Bursting into fits of anger

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This symptom is often linked to feeling angry. These individuals will burst into fits of anger for small, unimportant things and will get angry at loved ones who don’t deserve to be treated this way.

14. Thinking more slowly

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The thinking process of depressed individuals might be delayed. This often happens with younger individuals in school settings.

15. Moving slowly

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Since they are not feeling good on the inside, this will also show physically. These people will walk slower, drag their feet, not do as much exercise, etc.

16. Feeling indecisive


Feeling indecisive is another symptom of a major depressive disorder to look out for. They won’t be able to make decisions like they used to.

17. Feeling distracted easily


Depressed people will be easily distracted and won’t concentrate on one task at a time. If they start cooking, they might stop midway and start watching a movie or go online for hours.

18. Lacking concentrated


A lack of concentration in school or at work is often related to depression. People won’t be able to focus on one single task.

19. Feeling fatigued

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Since they have trouble sleeping or they sleep too much, many depressed people have low energy levels. This will make it hard for them to daily tasks.

20. Low energy levels


Depressed individuals will feel mentally and emotionally drained for no reason. Normal activities will be difficult to accomplish.

21. Feeling worthless

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One of the worst symptoms of a major depressive disorder is that the individual will feel worthless and feel as though no one loves them.

22. Feeling guilty


Some individuals will feel guilty about being depressed. This guilt will take a toll on them and make them feel even worse.

23. Fixating on past mistakes


Fixating on small, unimportant things that happened long ago is a common symptom with depressed people.

24. Having trouble thinking

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Depression takes over people’s minds and makes it hard for them to think clearly. Easy questions to answer might take them a long time to express.

25. Difficulty concentrating

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Simple things like doing the laundry and cooking will become too difficult for depressed people. These simple, everyday tasks will become too overwhelming.

26. Forgetting things easily


Important information like birthdays, meetings, appointments, etc. will easily slip the mind of depressed people. They will often be too preoccupied with their own feelings.

27. Crying easily

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Bursting into tears or just crying when seeing something sad is another common symptom.

28. Suicidal thoughts

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Probably the most important symptom, suicidal thoughts are not to be taken lightly. It is important to seek medical attention quickly if someone confides in you of their plans.

29. Thinking of death

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Thinking of death and dying (in general) is another symptom of depression.

30. Physically hurting yourself


Another very serious symptom is when an individual starts harming themselves. Cut marks on the arms should not be taken lightly.