The Best And Worst Cat Food Brands

You love your love cat, which is why you should limit yourself to these 7 brands of cat food and avoid these 7 others.


They may sometimes be quite independent, but the love you have for your cat is unconditional. That’s why he/she deserves the best, starting with quality cat food to keep your pet healthy. Make sure your pet stays in your life as long as possible by making wise choices when buying meals. Here are the best and worst cat food brands.

1. Best: Nom Nom Now

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Nom Nom Now has nothing to do with our preconceived idea of bagged or canned cat food. No bad smell, no need for a can opener. The company only offers fresh food that is carefully cooked and delivered to your door. In short, top gastronomy for a healthy animal.

2. Stella and Chewy

Stella and Chewy offers a wide range of freeze-dried cat food. This one reproduces the food these little cats eat in the wild. A lot of meat and few carbohydrates and more and more probiotics for a good digestion, these meals are healthy and easy to prepare. All you have to do is add water.

3. Wellness

Wellness is a trusted brand that uses only simple and natural quality ingredients. The company produces several lines of animal food. Its most popular, CORE, contains no grains and is an excellent choice for your cat.

4. Orijen

Orijen takes into account your animal’s biology to produce a food that is best suited to its species, with more protein and less carbohydrate. Your cat will therefore get all the necessary nutrients from quality food.

5. Acana

Like Orijen, Acana products are formulated according to the biological needs of the animals. Their cat food is therefore well thought out and produced with fresh, high-quality grain-free food.

7. Castor and Pollux

Pesticides are not only harmful to humans. Your pets can also develop diseases caused by the toxic products in their food. Castor and Pollux is, therefore, a good choice for your cat. Their nutritious recipes are prepared with organic ingredients and are easy to digest and high in protein.

9. 9 Lives

9lives may be specialized in cat food, but that doesn’t make it a good choice for your pet. The product is formulated with soybeans, wheat, corn, poor quality meat and additives. Too rich in carbohydrates and unhealthy, avoid it at all costs.

10. Hill’s Science Diet

Hill’s Science Diet likes to claim to be the most recommended brand among veterinarians, but this unfounded claim does not prove the quality of the product. Their comprehensive range of often specialized products allows them to display high prices while formulas based on poor quality grains and ingredients change little.

11. Friskies

Don’t let their marketing efforts convince you. It’s only a question of budget! Although Friskies is one of the most popular cat food brands, it is far from being of good quality. Don’t follow the masses and opt for a mixture that will promote your cat’s health.

13. Meow Mix

Another great name in the field of cat food to avoid. In dry and wet formulations, the ingredients are of poor quality and mainly composed of grains. Meow Mix food also contains many artificial additives.

14. Purina Cat Chow

This popular line of cat food is just as bad as the previous brands. Granular formulas also contain animal derivatives from unknown sources. Stay away from Purina products.


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