7 Things That Happen In Your Body When You Eat A Banana

Bananas are good for your health. Have you ever wondered, however, what was happening in your body when you ate it?


Bananas are an extremely popular fruit. There is nothing surprising about that. This fruit, which is grown in 107 countries, is inexpensive and very nutritious. However, it must be noted that despite the fact that bananas are full of healthy potassium, fibre, vitamin C, and B6, they aren’t recommended for everyone. If you’re wondering why, here’s what happens in your body when you eat a banana every day.

1. Bananas Contain a Lot of Potassium

Potassium is essential for the proper functioning of the human body. You can find this nutrient in every cell of the body. It is potassium that generates the electrical charge of the cells. This nutrient also helps to maintain a stable heart rate and optimal blood pressure. A healthy adult should consume on average between 3500 and 4700 mg of potassium per day. In a banana, you will find the equivalent of 450 mg of potassium.

2. Bananas Can Improve Your Blood Pressure

The key to good blood pressure is a good balance between sodium and potassium. It seems that only less than 2% of American adults reach the recommended potassium dose!

3. Bananas Can Reduce Cancer Risk

You probably know that eating fruits and vegetables is good for your health. This allows you to have a good dose of nutrients without the addition of salt or preservatives. Eating bananas is particularly good for your health. This allows you to accumulate a source of vitamin C and its high fibre content reduces the risk of developing colorectal cancer.

4. Bananas Are Good for Your Heart Health


If you want to reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, you should increase your daily dose of potassium and reduce your dose of sodium. One study showed that people who consume at least 4,069 mg of potassium per day are 49% less likely to die from ischemic heart disease than people who consume less than 1000 mg of potassium. Bananas are also good for the heart because they have fibre, vitamin C and vitamin B6.

5. Bananas Can Help You With a Stomach Ache

If you have stomach or digestive problems, your doctor has probably told you about the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast). Indeed, bananas can help you get rid of your stomach aches while replacing vital electrolytes.

6. Not Everyone Should Eat Bananas Every Day

Although bananas are healthy, not everyone should consume them on a daily basis. Indeed, people who take beta blockers for heart disease should be careful, because it increases potassium levels. People who tend to have migraines should also be careful. Indeed, it seems that this fruit can trigger this type of headache.

7. An Overdose of Bananas

Potassium needs are different from one person to another. Of course, too much potassium can be dangerous to your health, especially your heart. However, it would take 400 bananas a day to put your health at risk. So you can eat between one and 10 bananas a day without any problem!