Save Time In The Kitchen With These 13 Cooking Hacks

Make your cooking experience more enjoyable with these 13 cooking hacks! Everyone should know and adopt them ASAP.


Whether you are a student cooking for the first time, a cooking amateur or an adult who never got the hang of cooking, everyone wants to save time in the kitchen. Reduce your time chopping, peeling, dicing and cooking with these 13 cooking hacks everyone should absolutely know!

1.  Remove excess grease

Cooking a burger patty or breaded chicken cutlet but you noticed you added too much butter or oil to your pan and the meat is very greasy? Remove the excess grease by wrapping ice cubes in a paper towel and dabbing the cold paper towel on your food. The grease will cling to the fat so your food is less greasy.

2. Peel an orange

If you’re battling to remove your orange peel, don’t give up! Just microwave your citrus for 15-20 seconds. This will help soften the peel and make it easier to remove.

3. Remove an egg’s shell

If you have trouble removing the shell from your hard boiled eggs, all you have to do is place the eggs in a bowl filled with water and a small amount of baking soda (you can also use vinegar). This will help make it easier to remove the shell.

4. Remove cucumber seeds

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Use a melon spoon or even a regular spoon to remove cucumber seeds. In one quick motion, your cucumber will be seed-free.

5. How to roast a chicken

If you want to make the best roast chicken, make sure you place the chicken on its chest when you put it in the cooking dish.

6. How to reheat your pizza in the microwave

Keep your pizza or pasta from getting soggy in the microwave with this simple trick: Add a small container of water next to the food you are reheating. The water will ensure your meal stays crispy and doesn’t go soggy.

7. Cook perfect eggs

Use water instead of oil when you cook your eggs! Crack your eggs in the heated pan and then add the water. You will get perfect eggs.

8. Make your own paper moulds for your cupcake

An easy hack to remember if you bake a lot is to use parchment paper if you don’t have any muffin moulds at home. Cut them in squares and stuff them in the moulds. They work just as well and parchment paper is much less expensive than individual paper moulds.

9. Get more juice from your citrus


If you want to extract the most juice out of your citrus, microwave them for 15-20 seconds before juicing them until there’s no more juice left!

10.  How to grate your cheese without making a mess

If you know you need a lot of cheese for your dinner recipe, place your block of cheese in the freezer a few hours before you grate it. The harder it is, the easier it is to grate.

11. Master how to use plastic wrap

Do you always become frustrated when you use plastic wrap because instead of covering your food it ends up in a ball? Place the roll in the fridge so it stays cold and is easier to manipulate. Even professional cooks do this!

12. Cut onions without shedding a tear

Just like grating cheese, cutting onions is easier to do if you’ve placed them in the freezer 30 minutes before cutting them. You won’t be crying with these cold onions.

13. Prevent boiling water from overflowing

It is quite annoying when water boils over all over your stovetop. First, this probably means you put too much water in your pot. But, if you notice the water boils over every single time, place a wooden spoon over the top of the cooking pot to automatically stop the water from bubbling over.