8 Extremely Cute And Exotic Dog Breeds

If you're thinking of getting a dog, these cute and exotic dog breeds will probably steal your heart in no time. They are just so adorable!


There are many dog breeds out there. It’s hard to decide what type of puppy you want to get since the possibilities seem almost endless! If you’re looking for a unique dog breed to get in order to stray away from the usual golden retrievers, Labradors, German shepherds or pugs, here are 8 extremely cute and exotic dog breeds to consider as your next pet.

1. Lagotto Romagnolo


These truffle-searching, water-loving dogs have been around since ancient Rome. They are one of the oldest and rarest dog breeds but haven’t been as commercialized as other breeds. Hypoallergenic, these dogs are loving, loyal and very intelligent.

2. The Coton de Tulear


This pure breed is originally from Madagascar and used to be owned by royalty. These fluff balls are lap dogs, so they don’t need much exercise and they love to snuggle. Obedient, easy to train, they will get along with other animals and humans.

3. Puli

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This Hungarian mop/dog was originally bred for sheep herding. Who could resist its dreadlocks-like hair? These dogs need a lot of exercise but they are also very affectionate, smart and are a great addition to any family.

4. Portuguese Water Dog

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The Portuguese Water Dog is obsessed with water. These dogs used to work alongside fishermen in Portugal. If you love dogs but are allergic to them, you’ll be happy to know this breed is hypoallergenic.

5. Bearded Collie


This herding dog breed originated from Britain but was also very popular in Scotland. That beautiful shaggy coat needs to be brushed daily and needs frequent clippings. Super friendly, they are perfect to have around young kids.

6. Berger Des Pyrenees


Originally from France, the Berger Des Pyrenees herded sheep. They need to be challenged mentally and need plenty of exercise. Even if they are small, they are great guard dogs.

7. Dandie Dinmont Terrier

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This cute breed might look innocent but it is quite stubborn and strongwilled. Very affectionate, brave and independent, they are great watchdogs but they do need to be trained properly since they tend to be stubborn.

8. Chow Chow

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These big and fluffy dogs originally from China are loyal companions and great guard dogs but tend to be very independent, proud and extremely intelligent. Be firm with your Chow Chow or else they will walk all over you.

9. Bonus: rare dog – Aussie Pom


A mix of an Australian Shepherd and a Pomeranian, the Aussi Pom is small, affectionate, loyal, and is so so cute!

10. Bonus: rare dog – Corgle/Beagi


Great companions, the Corgle/Beagi (Corgi and beagle mix) usually has the best traits from both breeds. They are great companions, super intelligent and spirited.

11. Bonus: rare dog – Pomsky

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Pomskys are super cute. Half Husky and half Pomeranian, these dogs have tons of energy and are like baby bears.

12. Bonus: rare dog – Golden Dox


A mix of a Weiner dog (also known as a Dachshund) and a Golden Retriever, the Golden Dox is small but has a very beautiful coat and is a great and lovable companion.

13. Bonus: rare dog – Whoodle

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Hypoallergenic and eager to please, the Whoodle (a mix of a Wheaten Terrier and a Poodle) is a great dog for those who live in a small house or an apartment.

14. Bonus: rare dog – Dalmachshund


A tiny Dalmatian! The Dalmachshund is a mix of a Dalmatian and a Dachshund. Would you get this adorable dog?

15. Bonus: rare dog – Corgipoo


This new crossbreed is very popular and very precious. Very cute, this mix of a Corgi and a Poodle is very sweet.

16. Bonus: rare dog – Goberian


Half Husky, half Golden Retriever, this dog breed is a stunner. Friendly, gentle and great with children, the Goberian has tons of energy and needs a lot of exercise.

17. Bonus: rare dog – Yorkipoo

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Small and super cute, this cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a small Poodle equals an incredibly cute bundle of joy.

18. Bonus: rare dog – Dalcorgi


Very energetic and playful, the half Dalmatian, half Corgi breed is very original.

19. Bonus: rare dog – Cheagle


A mix between a Beagle and a Chihuahua, the Cheagle is a great domestic dog and will love to snuggle with you.

20. Bonus: rare dog – Ba-Shar


This dog has very different origins. A mix of a Basset Hound with French origins and a Shar-Pei from China, this dog is loyal and affectionate.

21. Bonus: rare dog – Chusky


A real teddy bear, the Chusky (half Chow Chow, half Siberian Husky) is full of energy, is incredibly loyal and affectionate.

22. Bonus: rare dog – Pomeranian

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These tiny dogs actually descended from large sled dog breeds. Even though they are super cute, playfull and intelligent, they have the personality to match the size of a Great Dane!