Different Ways To Use A Vacuum To Save Time

The vacuum cleaner is an indispensable device. Here are 15 tips to try for a simpler and quicker clean household.


It’s obvious household chores come around every week and using a vacuum cleaner is a major way to save time. Although, we have all experienced some difficulties when it comes to really small and hard to reach places. Well, we got some vacuum hacks to help you spend less time cleaning and more time having fun!

You may be unaware of this, but you can vacuum it even more quickly with some tricks. Here are 15 fantastic tricks to buy into and try with this device.

15. DIY removing part for small place


Make a tip with a roll of toilet paper to go through all the corners and interstices. Clever, and you will keep your money in the bank. Indeed, you don’t need to spend a single penny to do this thing!

14. Remove stucco paint


Attach a knife to your vacuum cleaner to remove your stucco paint while the vacuum cleaner aspires what falls. You will have to spend some energy to get rid of all the stucco, but it will be worth it! Great way to increase the value of your real estate: nobody likes stucco.

13. Spread a nice smell around the house


If you like your home to smell nice but spend too much on different products, stop purchasing scented candles and sprays and spread cinnamon sticks on the floor while vacuuming or put some essential oil in the cleaned filter of your vacuum cleaner so that a good smell will emerge every time you clean your home.

12. Clean your keyboard


Put the tip of a ketchup bottle on your vacuum cleaner to vacuum between the keys of your computer keyboard. Don’t forget to conference call all your friend while doing this so they are all expressed at how much of a genius you are and learn to do the same. After all, this tip is extremely practical, especially for college or university students who are constantly in front of the computer to study, even at lunchtime!

11. Vacuum your sofa


Remove the bad odors from your sofa by sprinkling it with baking soda. Leave it on during the night and vacuum the following day. This is an excellent odor treatment that requires very little time and effort.

10. Find a small item you have had lost


Have you lost your favorite earring? Don’t panic! You don’t have to run to the store to buy another one. Wrap a nylon stocking to the end of your hose with a rubber band. You will be able to find your lost objects without hassle.

9. Dust off your curtains

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Once a month, take the time to dust off your curtains by vacuuming. This quick little trick will keep you from breathing dust every time you approach your curtains!

8. Get rid of your pet’s hair


Draw the hair of your pet directly. Some animals like others do not. Avoid this technique if your pet is afraid of vacuuming or seems not to like it.

7. Pack your clothes for storage


Store your clothes in a non-perforated bag and vacuum the air. Close the bag quickly if you want to claim to have succeeded in this trick!

6. A clean high place to reach

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Once again, attach a roll of toilet paper to the end of your vacuum cleaner to reach the nooks in height.

5. Remove the traces on your carpet


If your carpet is marked with a sofa or table, put some ice cubes in it, let it melt and vacuum. This thing will save you from buying another rug!

4. Leave a fragrant smell behind you

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Add a softener in the bag of your vacuum cleaner to leave a good smell behind you when you clean your home.

3. Turn the hose of the vacuum cleaner to pass under the furniture easily


With this simple technique, you will be able to remove all the dust.

2. Inflate a mattress easily

Watch this video to learn how to quickly inflate your mattress without wasting energy.

1. Attach a plastic bag to your vacuum cleaner to pick up trash and avoid blocking your device


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You want to pick up several pieces of garbage without blocking your vacuum cleaner (because let’s be honest, the price of vacuum cleaners on the market is exorbitant!) all you have to do is put a plastic bag at the end of it. It is no more complicated than that!