10 Useful Things You Were Not Using Properly

These useful things were under your nose all this time and you did not know how to make the most of these clever objects. Once you see these special ways to use several everyday objects, you will wonder how you did not see it before nor on your own. Discover these hacks that will change the way you see and use these simple things forever.


Here are some objects you might be using every day and still had no idea how practical they are. This is usually because we never really got to know how to properly use them. You like Tic Tacs? You wear shirts? You drive a car? Still write on paper with a pencil and sometimes make mistakes that need correcting? You measure things, lock stuff, buy clothes, use tubes, eat takeout and drink soda? We’ve got an almost life-changing and certainly mind-boggling hack for you.

Here are 10 things you have been doing wrong all this time. Some were built this way, others were accidental genius occurrences, and all will leave you a new and better-improved version of yourself. Okay, we might be slightly exaggerating here. But still, these are pretty cool. Have a look for yourself.

10. Eating Tic Tacs

See that indentation in the lid? Sure it helps properly seal the container. Well, but it also doubles as a serving tool and helps to get only one Tic Tac at a time.

9. Tanking a new car

Have you ever taken note of the small arrow pictured above? It simply tells you what side of the car the gas cap is located. Never have to get out of the car again to check on which side is the gas tank when driving a new car.

8. Using two-tone erasers

If you are one of those who think the blue side is for erasing pen, you are wrong. The pink side is for erasing on regular paper while the coarser blue side is for erasing pencil writings on harder paper. Mystery solved!

7. Hanging shirts without hangers

The use for this loop is pretty obvious right? Well just in case it is not to some, it is simply there to provide an easy way to hang the shirt without getting it rumpled if no hangers in sight.

6. Using measuring tape

Ever tried using a measuring tape on your own? It can be quite tricky. Just hook the tape head to a nail using the hole and you can pull the tape without needing anyone to hold it down for you.

5. Fixing an old lock

This little hole is present on most padlocks. It has two uses. It allows water that gets into the padlock to come out and also offers easy oiling of the padlock’s mechanism for smooth operation.

4. Keeping extra buttons and fabric

Thought that little extra piece of fabric in case you needed a reparation? You are right in the case of the buttons, but the primary purpose of the fabric is to help you determine how different washing agents will react with your new cloth before using it on the entire piece of clothing.

3. Opening new tubes

The presence of this spike usually means that there is a membrane covering the top of the tube. Turn it over to pierce it and release the content without making a mess.

2. Serving Chinese takeout

Save dishes by converting your takeout boxes into plates instead of pouring the food out into our nice plates at home.

1. Drinking soda with a straw

After opening the can swivel the little tab around to hold your straw. This is its second function.

Source: Gamers Rack