Do You Know What’s Behind Your Dog’s Behaviour?

Communicating with your pet is not always easy. We know that you want to best for him, but sometimes, we just don't know what would make them happy. Fortunately, some of his behaviours can tell us a lot about his needs. Discover what they mean so you can do everything in your power for your furry friend to feel at home.


It is well known that pets, especially dogs, are extremely loyal and bring a lot of happiness to their owners’ lives. It is not without reason that they are said to be man’s best friends! However, it is not always easy to understand what our dog is telling us. However, the fact that they can’t talk doesn’t mean that they don’t communicate. They just do it in a different manner. Sure, barking is one of them, but it is only one a many ways they use to express themselves. In fact, by paying attention to your animal’s behaviours, you can learn a great deal about the way they feel. Interested in learning the ways in which you can get closer to your dog and make sure that they are happy and feeling well?

Learn what the following behaviours mean so that you can better identify your pet’s needs and improve their lives if needed.

1. Your dog has a high opinion of you if he sleeps in your bed


If your four-legged friend prefers to sleep with you rather than on the floor or even in his own bed, it means that you are the number one person in his life. In fact, he wants to spend as much time as possible with you, even when it’s time to sleep.

So if your dog tries to get on the bed with you to sleep, you should consider it the ultimate compliment.

2. When your dog jumps on you, it’s to show you his affection

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Being jumped on by your dog when you walk out the door is not always the most pleasant experience. However, it is important to know that this is a sign of affection.

3. Your dog may not want to play ball

If a dog carries a ball or toy in his mouth, it does not necessarily mean that he wants to play ball. In fact, it can sometimes mean exactly the opposite. Dogs often bring toys to the people they love so you can play with them.

They want to show it to you and let you enjoy it too, so instinctively throw away everything your dog brings to you could hurt him.

4. What it means if your dog stares at you before you leave home


Leaving your dog at home can be difficult to do. Your dog knows you’re leaving and it makes him sad. Some dogs sit and look at you calmly as you walk through the door, which can make you feel guilty. However, their calm proves that even if they are sad that you are leaving, they know that you will come back. If your dog is particularly calm when you leave him, it is because he trusts you and will wait patiently for your return.

5. Eye movements


When it comes to the mood of dogs, it is very similar to that of humans. You can know a lot just by looking at their eyes. If your dog is sad or tired, he will look at the ground. If he is excited, his eyes will be wide open and he will look around him everywhere.

6. If your dog is leaning on you, he hugs you

Have you ever noticed that your dog leans on you every time you hang around? That doesn’t mean he’s lazy. It’s actually a hug.

7. Hugs after the meal

Does your dog like to come and cuddle after eating? Just like sleeping in your bed, it’s another sign that you’re one of his favourite people. After a meal, dogs can be ready to take a nap and they want to do so in your comforting presence.

8. When your dog puts a paw in the air, he tries to find something

Has your dog ever walked around and stopped suddenly by lifting a paw in the air? While this may seem unusual, it is quite natural. It means he’s trying to find a solution. Usually, when dogs do that, they sniff in all directions.

9. Yawning can mean that your dog is uncomfortable

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Although a dog can feel very comfortable yawning around a person, constant yawning in public can mean something completely different. When he yawns in public, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your dog is tired and it’s time to go home. This may be a sign that your dog is uncomfortable or anxious.

10. The reason your pet wants to lie on your feet is adorable

If you have a dog, it is not uncommon to feel it lying on your feet, whether you are sitting on the couch or at the table. Some people may find this annoying at times while others may think it is adorable.

However, when a dog lies on your feet, know that his goal is to feel as close to you as possible. It also represents a sign of protection.