What to get and what not to get at Walgreens

Are you making the right choices when it comes to filling up your cart at Walgreens? Save your dollars by knowing the best and worst deals in the store so that next time you head into this drugstore giant, you know what to get and what to purchase somewhere else. Here are the best and worst deals at Walgreens.


Founded more than a century ago, the Chicago native company Walgreens has now risen to the status of megacorp. Standing at the top of the drugstore food chain with more than 8,200 U.S. locations, Walgreens is almost everyone’s default stop for everything health and beauty related and more.

But while you might find everything you need, not all prices are in line with your wallet’s needs. Saving experts have weighed in as to what people should and should not purchase within the drugstore giant’s aisles. Read the following list to know the best and worst deals of the pharmacy and know how to properly navigate Walgreens aisles next time you head into the store and save money.

Here are which items you should grab and add to your cart at Walgreens and which ones you should leave on the shelves.

18. DO: Makeup

Forget about Sephora. Walgreens has great designer makeup swaps that will make you look great without digging a hole in your bank account.

17. Over-the-counter medications

Got a headache? If you are out of aspirin, you will probably think of getting some more at Walgreens and that will be a good idea. The store offers good prices for over-the-counter medications, especially for their home brand generics.

16. Paper products

These are essentials everyone needs, but it is definitely not a fun purchase. So saving money on paper towels, napkins, tissue and more can be really great. So opt for the Walgreens brand of these products which are good quality and often on sale for 99 cents.

15. Photo printing

Everything is digital these days. But frames are still a thing. If you want to print a few photos, Walgreens is a place to get top quality at a great price. Their photo services are quick, simple and easy to use.

14. Holiday gifts

Looking for a little something for all those clients, office mates and friends? Head to Walgreens. They also have good stocking stuffers at low prices.

13. Contact lenses

Not a fan of glasses? Go for contacts and get them at Walgreens. they have extremely competitive prices on contact lenses.

12. Canned foods

They almost never go bad, so stock up on canned foods when they’re a good deal is smart, and Walgreens is a good spot for it. 69 cent tuna and 99 cent black olives? Count me in.

11. Vitamins and supplements

Making sure that you get all your vitamins and nutrients in can get expensive. keep your wallet as healthy as your body by purchasing your supplements at Walgreens and keep an eye on promotions.

10. Laundry detergent

If you like spending on clothes, and even if you don’t like it, chances are that you are also doing so on detergent. However, you probably don’t like spending on the latter. Wait for rebates and in-store Walgreens coupons, and stuck up on this essential.

9. DON’T: Batteries

Batteries are pricey. SKip the small backages and save big by getting yours at a warehouse club.

8. Gift wrap

Say no to wrapping which can double the cost of your holiday gifts. Instead, get your wrapping paper at a discount store and do it yourself.

7. Housewares

Most housewares found at Walgreens will be much more expensive than at stores like Target or Walmart. So unless you have checked prices, don’t get them there.

6. “As Seen On TV” items

You might see some “As Seen on TV” items at Walgreens, but just like houseware items, don’t buy them before having compared prices on Amazon first.

5. Electronics

Most electronics found at Walgreens can be found elsewhere at a much more reasonable price. And besides, they tend to be low quality, too. So just skip that aisle all together.

4. Cleaning products


Every detergent is likely to cost you more at Walgreens. You are better off getting them in bulk at stores like Costco.

3. Soda

Thirsty? Head to the grocery store and hold back that desire to grab your favourite soda at Walgreens.

2. Holiday decorations

Walgreens might not be the first place you think of when decorating your home for the holidays, but you could score some deals after the holiday so you can start preparing for next year at low prices.

1. Small appliances

Walgreens might be convenient for last minute needs, but it likely won’t be a great deal for your wallet. If you can head to another store such as Walmart or Target, do so.

Source: CBS News