This Is How To Win The Lottery According To The Man Who Won It 14 Times

Winning the lottery is certainly everyone's dream or, at least, that of those who buy tickets. No, but no kidding, wouldn't it be wonderful if, overnight, we didn't have any more financial worries? No more debts, no more budget to follow literally; we want something? We buy it. We want to spoil ourselves a little and do some crazy things? Absolutely nothing more prevents us from doing so. The good life, you know!


Most people who play the lottery do so without really believing that they will win one day. However, it seems that when you change your attitude in life, many things can really change and happen to you. In order to prove you wrong in believing that winning the lottery is something that can happen to anyone but you, we will tell you the story of a man from a small town in Romania. Mathematician, this man was determined and worked hard, but he managed to win 14 times at the lottery! Seriously, what are the chances of that happening? Discover his strategy and some tips to win the lottery!

11. The odds

Winning the lottery is certainly one of the least likely things to happen to us. According to statistics, you are four times more likely to be struck by lightning than you are to have a chance to win the jackpot.

In numbers, the odds of buying the winning ticket for the grand prize are 1 in 195,249,054, or one in nearly 200 million! And the numbers don’t lie, which is why the odds of winning are so slim. It is definitely a matter of luck. But why do these statistics obviously not apply to Stefan Mandel?

10. Powerball jackpot

Everyone would like to know how to win the lottery, especially when you know that the amount of the next draw is an incredible $625 million! But how is that possible? Well, Stefan Mandel, a man from Romania, has developed a formula that has enabled him to win the lottery 14 times all over the world! It seems that Mandel was able to create a six-step process designed to hack the system. In order to fully understand his strategy, however, it is important to take a brief look back in time and consider a few elements.

9. Living in poverty

This Romanian-Australian economist won his first two prizes in his native Romania as he tried to save enough money to leave his country with his family.

It all started in the 1960s, when a major economic crisis hit Romania, forcing Mandel and his family to live on only $88 a month. So he needed a lot of money, quickly. Not being the only Romanian in poverty, many turned to crime, but Mandel had another plan: the lottery.

8. An obsession with combinatorics

Mandel spent so many years reading various articles on combinatorics that he was eventually able to write a “number-picking algorithm” based on a theory called “combinatorial condensation.” While working as an accountant, Mandel never ceased to be interested in mathematics and combinatorics, constantly learning new things. He already said in an interview with a Romanian magazine: “Mathematics properly applied can guarantee a fortune.”

7. Predicting winning numbers

Using his own algorithm, Stefan Mandel claims to be able to predict 5 of the 6 winning numbers by reducing the number of combinations to just a few thousands, when in fact there are millions of different possible combinations.

It should not be forgotten that Mandel was still living in poverty and needed the support of his friends and acquaintances to be able to take such a high risk and try to win the lottery. No one had yet tried what he was about to do, although it was absolutely legitimate and legal.

6. The first gain

With his friends, Mandel bought a large quantity of lottery tickets with all the combinations that were most likely to be winners. Mandel had complete confidence in his algorithm and he did well! Indeed, he won the grand prize of 78,783 lei ($19.3K). Although he personally received only $4,000 of this amount, it was enough to leave Romania with his family. He was then preparing for his next win, this time bigger.

5. A very simple method

In the end, Mandel’s method was rather simple, but logistically complex. Working as an insurance agent, he was able to convince a few hundred investors to pool their money to create a “lottery syndicate.”

With this money, he was able to create an automatic system, a room full of computers that calculated the combinations according to Mandel’s algorithm, and printers that printed the combinations on the lottery tickets.

4. The lottery syndicate

Of course, with computers at the heart of the process, everything was much easier! But all this required patience. The lottery syndicate had to wait until the 1980s for the jackpot amount to become higher than the total purchase amount of all combinations. Once this was the case, however, they bought thousands of tickets and entered the possible combinations. In this way, they were able to win 12 times in Australia and the United Kingdom. They also won a total of $400,000 in smaller prizes.

But what was this magic formula in 6 steps that allowed Mandel to win so many times at the lottery?

3. Mandel’s formula

Mandel’s formula was rather simple and was based on the following steps:

  1. Calculate the total number of possible combinations;
  2. Find a lottery where the jackpot is at least 3 times the number of possible combinations;
  3. Raise enough money to be able to buy each combination;
  4. Print millions of tickets with each combination;
  5. Give tickets to authorized lottery dealers;
  6. Cash in the winnings!

Although this method is financially quite simple, it requires complex logistics and many investors that may have to be repaid.

2. Changing the laws

Despite everything, Mandel’s method had some flaws. Every time he won a prize, he had to pay his investors and taxes. For example, in 1987, he earned $1.3 million, but in the end only pocketed $97,000. Also, unfortunately, his repeated victories eventually caught the attention of the Australian lottery authorities.

Printed lottery tickets and the massive purchase of tickets by a single individual became illegal, which immediately greatly affected two very important steps in Mandel’s formula. That’s when he turned to the international lottery.

1. The Virginia Lottery

Taber Andrew Bain | Flickr

Mandel used the profits from his lottery winnings to hire people from North America to compile a list of lotteries whose jackpot amount was at least 3 times higher than the total of all possible combinations. That’s when the Virginia lottery caught his attention. In addition, at this location, it was still legal to buy a ton of tickets and print them at home!

Knowing what to do, Mandel configured 30 computers and 12 laser printers to print 7 million tickets and send them to the United States. All that remained was to wait for the lottery to announce the right numbers, which happened on February 12, 1992, when the jackpot reached $27 million. Eventually, his victories in the Virginia lottery cost him 20 months in prison in Israel and now it is totally illegal to buy lottery tickets in bulk and print them at home.

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