Here Are the 15 Smallest Countries on Earth.

Do you really know what is the smallest country in the world? We bet you don't!


The world has 195 countries as you are reading this. Some of them well known, some of them more closed-off, some next to the oceans, others to the mountains… A great variety, of landscapes and cultures, that’s for sure!

Well, here are the 15 smallest countries on Earth. You probably already have an idea on the smallest one, but it’s not what you think! The country you’re thinking of is probably the second smallest one, in fact.

15. Seychelles, 459 km²

Seychelles is an archipelago nation comprising of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. It has incredible beaches, nature reserves and coral reefs. On land, its jaw-dropping landscapes won’t leave you indifferent either. In fact, there are so many outstanding opportunities to go on an adventure here. Victoria, its capital, is a great place to know more about the people and local culture.

14. Antigua and Barbuda, 442 km²

These two Caribbean islands are an independent Commonwealth country. They also comprise of smaller islands. They have beautiful beaches, reefs, rainforests, and resorts. Visit the colourful capital Saint-John to unwind.

13. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, 389 km²

Also in the Caribbean is Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It’s quite famous for its submerged volcanic mountains and active volcano, but not just that. Its capital Kingstown is also perfect to explore the culture, colonial legacy and people. Oh, and party, of course!

12. Grenada, 344 km²

The “Spice Isle” is home to many nutmeg plantations, but Grenada is also famous for its mesmerizing landscapes. Saint George also allures travellers with its colourful homes and 18th-century constructions.

11. Malta, 316 km²

In the Mediterranean Sea lies Malta, a three-island country. It’s also one of the most densely populated countries in the world, with 4.5 million inhabitants in such a small territory.

10. Maldives, 298 km²

The world’s lowest-lying country is threatened by global warming, but that doesn’t mean people don’t flock to its magnetic charm! The British, the Dutch and the Portuguese have all tried to rule the island in the past until locals took things into their hands. They’ve done a good job!

9. Saint Kitts and Nevis, 261 km²

Those two Caribbean islands were the first ones colonized by the Europeans. They are now both cherished for their amazing beaches, landscapes and diving sites. In the past sugar plantations occupied most of the country, but they’ve been replaced by hotels and resorts.

8. The Marshall Islands, 181 km²

Located in the Pacific Ocean, the Republic of the Marshall Islands is between Hawaii and Australia. A traveller can easily explore the whole country in a day! It’s an amazing place to unwind.

7. Liechtenstein, 160 km²

Liechtenstein is the only country entirely nestled in the Alps. It’s also the richest country in the world by GDP per capita and has the lowest unemployment rate too.

6. San Marino, 61 km²

This landlocked country in Italy has a population of 30,000 souls and is the 4th smallest country in Europe. Fun fact, it’s the only country in the world with more vehicles than people!

5. Tuvalu, 26 km²

This country has only 10,000 inhabitants, 8 km of roads and one hospital. This super hard to reach country is also in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Australia.

4. Nauru, 21 km²

Located near Australia in the Pacific Ocean, Nauru went from one of the richest places on Earth in the 1960s to very poor nowadays, as its natural resources have been completely depleted. Only about a hundred tourists reach the island today, none of which are journalists or associated with any media, since the country has very strict rules when it comes to the media.

3. Monaco, 2 km²

This is the country with the largest numbers of millionaires and billionaires per capita. In fact, 30% of the population is millionaires there! The country is also famous for having no personal income tax, a terrific gambling scene and, of course, a Grand Prix of Formula 1.

2. Vatican city, 0.44 km²

This is the smallest nation in the world by land area. It’s completely encircled by the Italian capital city of Rome. It also has the largest church in the world.

1. Sealand, 0.025 km²

Sealand is arguably the smallest country on Earth. It’s an unrecognized micronation that claims an old platform from the Second World War as its territory. It has its own constitution, flag, currencies and passports since 1975.