Who Are The Property Brothers, really?

We all know the Property Brothers, twins Jonathan and Drew Scott. We've seen them on TV on HGTV, we have grown to love them. But what are they really like, beyond the camera?


The Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew have been around for quite some time now. Their eponymous reality TV show has been around since 2011 and we’ve seen quite a few spin-offs: Brothers Vs. Brothers, Property Brothers At Home, Brothers Take On New Orleans and Property Brothers: Forever Home. 

You might be curious at this point to know more about them, and so are we! We’ve gathered some infos here for your pleasure, including the brothers’ net worth, which will probably surprise you (it did surprise us that they were worth so much!).

10. Surprise!

Well, you obviously already know the brothers are identical twins. They were born on April 28, 1978. But did you know their parents had no idea they were expecting twins.

Apparently, the brothers’ heart beats had synchronized because doctors always heard a single heart beat and thought their mother was carrying a heavy baby. Needless to say doctors hadn’t done an ultrasound…

9. They have some acting experience

Both brothers appeared on TV shows before the Property Brothers empire. Drew had a very small role in Smallville, while Jonathan had one in the X-Files.

8. Young entrepreneurs

You could say they have always been go-getters. At the age of seven, they already had their first business going! They made hangers covered in nylon, which they sold to an American lady who owned stores of American paraphernalia in Japan.

7. They flipped their first house at 18

While they were in college, the brothers bought their first house at age 17. They renovated it and then sold it, getting $50,000 in profits when they were 18. Not bad, eh?

6. They’re Canadian

In case you didn’t know, the twins grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. They got their college degree in Calgary, Alberta. They actually grew up on a ranch, which we didn’t think was a thing in Vancouver, but apparently, it is! The pair knows how to ride horses for that reason.

5. The Scott brothers have a production company

Along with their brother J.D., Jonathan and Drew have a production company, which is called Scott Brothers Entertainment. It’s said that Drew is quite passionate by producing and directing.

4. They are from Scottish descent

With Scott as a last name, this one is not really surprising. What might surprise you, however, is that they are related to Scottish nobility on their mother’s side. Indeed, they are related to Robert the Bruce, a ruler of Scotland during the 14th century. This also explains why the twins are fascinated by anything Scottish, from medieval weapons to bagpipes.

3. Jonathan is an award-wining magician and Drew is really into fitness

We’re not quite sure how that happened, but Jonathan is good enough at magic tricks that he has won awards. He even occasionally performs illusions in Las Vegas, where he owns a house.

Jonathan said his brother had a six-pack, while he preferred to have a whole keg! What a sense of humor! Both brothers have been karate champions in their young years, but only Drew really kept working out hard afterwards.

2. Their net-worth is in the 8 digits!

Are you ready for this? Jonathan and Drew’s net-worth is $20 millions! They have gathered such a large sum through their numerous TV shows, but also through book deals, tours, outdoor furniture line and luxury home designs.

1. Rich people call them to design their house

This is something you might not have known, but the twins are behind a company called Dream Homes by Scott Living.  Dream Homes builds and sells luxury homes to CEOs, athletes and stars. When there is no loan, no credit, no mortgage or no budget involved, they can definitely offer their best! Just look at that beautiful home!