Waiters Hate When We Do That At A Restaurant!

The job of the waiter is far from obvious. Sometimes clients can act in a very unpleasant way. Here are some of the things we do that annoy waiters in restaurants.


Some trades are more demanding than others. Sometimes these professions require more physical strength, stress resistance or patience. The server business is one of the professions considered to be demanding. Indeed, this job requires several qualities and skills that are not given to everyone. Also, patience can be put to the test by some customers whose requests sometimes exceed understanding (and politeness!). Although we are used to hearing “the customer is king”, we cannot act in any way in a restaurant. Here are 20 things to avoid when you go out to eat in a restaurant so you don’t alienate the person who takes care of your table.

1. Let your children walk away from the table

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Your children are your responsibility, not the restaurants. You should, therefore, keep an eye on them during your meal, especially if you see that they are a little agitated. We don’t need to tell you that children running in a restaurant can easily create an accident, especially if space is limited…

2. Proposing a marriage

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Yes, proposing to your sweetheart is extremely romantic. It is also a very intimate gesture that is not necessarily appropriate in a public place. Servers don’t like this, because it just makes them uncomfortable.

3. Going to the restaurant… to argue

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Going to a restaurant is supposed to be a pleasant experience. If you plan to go there to argue with the person who shares your life, avoid spending money in a restaurant. It is better to stay at home and argue in the comfort of your home. It will be much less embarrassing for everyone.

4. Not knowing how to behave in the bathrooms anymore


For some reason, some people no longer know how to behave once they are in a restaurant and this includes when they go to the toilet. Servers sometimes have very unpleasant surprises (we will give you the details). In addition to serving at the tables, they are also required to take care of the bathrooms.

5. Do not group your requests together


If you see things missing on your table (for example, utensils and napkins), say so as soon as your server comes to see you instead of disturbing him several times during the meal. In other words: try to group your requests. This will enable your server to resolve the problematic situation(s) much faster.

6. Give it up for your server


Does your waiter spill his plates? Don’t laugh at him or applaud him. This is not funny. It is quite the opposite. This action will have only two consequences: to make the person who serves you in a bad mood and to guarantee you a very bad service.

7. Make recipe changes


It is normal to specify to your server your food intolerances or allergies. It is less normal, however, to want to change the entirety, or almost the entirety, of a dish on the menu. If that is your intention, simply do not order it. After all, the chef took a long time to prepare his recipe and all the flavours are well thought out to increase your taste pleasure! You probably don’t have a degree in cooking, so don’t change the menu.

8. Be unpleasant when asked for your ID card


You may be asked for your ID card if you wish to order an alcoholic beverage. Don’t be insulted or unpleasant, it’s perfectly normal! After all, it is the law.

9. Maintaining prejudice


One of the big prejudices about the job of the waiter is that the people who do this job are only actors or artists trying to break into the entertainment world. If you are one of those who have these preconceptions, you should get rid of them right away! Many servers do this job by choice.

10. Hang out in the restaurant


You may have several things to say to the people who are accompanying you to the restaurant, even at the end of your meal. Why not continue the conversation outside or at home? This will allow the waiter to clear your table or close the restaurant.

11. Keep the compliments to yourself


Was your meal delicious? Feel free to share it with your server. Being complimented on the service received and the meal is eaten is always a pleasure. So if you had a positive experience while in a restaurant, share it!

12. Ask for a large glass of water just before your departure


You have just paid your bill and are asking for a big glass of water from which you will only take a sip? Avoid doing this. Wait until you get home to take this one sip. You will be doing your server a favour in addition to countering water waste.

13. Choose a table that has not been cleared

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If you have the opportunity to choose the table where you can eat, take one that is already cleared. After all, what’s the point of sitting at a table full of dirty plates and napkins used by other people? You will also have to wait for the server to clean your table before you can order.

14. Ask to order when you don’t know what to eat

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Don’t ask your server, impatiently, to order if you have no idea what you want to eat! Take the time to look at the menu, then place your order.

15. Call the server any way you want


You probably know it, but few waiters like to be told by whistles, gestures in the air or even finger snap. That’s extremely rude.

16. Get rid of your table on the neighbours’ table

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Once you have finished your meal, wait for your waiter to come and clear your table. Do not put your dirty dishes on the table next door, which is completely clean. You may get it dirty and annoy your server. Wait, that’s all.

17. Be on your cell phone


If you go to a restaurant, it is to live a culinary experience. Try to put your phone aside and enjoy the moment. And when the server addresses you, have the decency to look up from your device and answer it.

18. Pay in currency


Do not pay in money, especially if you only have a small change like a dollar and a quarter… You’ve probably heard of debit and credit cards: they keep your pockets and those of the person serving you at the restaurant free! Otherwise, stop by the bank to withdraw money.

19. Being rude


Servers are first and foremost human beings like you and me. It is therefore imperative to be polite to them at all times. To address them as you would with anyone else, or as a good citizen. You will have a much more pleasant time in their company and so will they!

20. Add salt unnecessarily

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When you order a dish from the restaurant, it is supposed to be already well seasoned. We suggest that you take the time to taste it before adding salt, especially if you don’t see any salt and pepper on the table. Also, your health should leave the dish as it is.