Find Out If The Moon Affects Your Dog’s Behaviour and Yours!

We often hear that the moon has a great influence on how we feel and how we act. Is this true? Discover it now!


Just type the word “moon” on the Internet to find many sites talking about lunar calendars and all the effects created by them. It must be said that humans’ fascination with the moon is not new. Indeed, we have been interested in it for several centuries and its consequences on our behaviour and that of animals. But does this celestial object influence the average person? Read this article to find out!

1. Dogs also react to the full moon


If human behaviour is influenced by the moon, it makes perfect sense for animals to be influenced, especially dogs.

Wondering how your dog reacts when the moon is full? He may have several unusual behaviours such as grunting, howling (you probably know the expression “howling at the moon”), barking and becoming very agitated or, on the contrary, very calm.

2. What do the studies say about canine behaviour and the full moon?

Just as studies have been done on human behaviour, studies have also been done on dogs. In particular, a study was conducted by the Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences to show the influence of the full moon on emergency veterinary visits. After 11 years of veterinarian data collection, the researchers concluded that dogs were 28% more likely to be in the emergency room at a veterinary clinic during the full moon.

3. Why do dogs end up in a veterinary emergency?

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According to the above-mentioned study, the dogs were in the emergency room for various reasons. They were bitten or suffered from various seizures and cardiac arrests. In short, several worrying evils! You should, therefore, keep an eye on your pet during this lunar cycle.

4. A more sociable dog

Dogs that walk under the full moon tend to be more inclined to go to other dogs. Probably because the full moon increases their communication with howling, so they communicate more with the dogs around them.

5. What to do if your dog suffers from the effects of the full moon?


If you see that your dog is influenced by the effects of the full moon, you should not stand by with your arms crossed. For example, if your pet starts barking uncontrollably, train him to respect the “silence” command or pay him a few lessons with a trainer at a dog training school. Of course, it is better to teach him this command before such a problem happens! Also make sure to take her to the dog park, for example, during the full moon. This will make him much less agitated.

6. Other lunar cycles also influence your dog

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Not only the full moon can influence dog behaviour, but other lunar cycles also have effects on your dog. For example, during the New Moon, animals are generally more relaxed and their senses are increased. During the diminishing moon, animals tend to be more attentive to their instincts. They will therefore hunt and be looking for a place to build the foundations of their nest.

7. They’re more alert

A full moon also means a brighter evening. If there is more light outside, your dog sees more of the small creatures passing outside, so they may be more alert and probably more excited in the evening.

8. The moon could disturb your sleeping habits

We all suffer from sleep disorders from time to time. This can be caused by different things, such as anxiety, stress, nicotine, alcohol, medication and even the moon! That’s right! Several studies have shown that lunar cycles influence sleep. So if you have trouble sleeping sporadically, it may well be caused by the moon. Invest in a good mattress… and a calendar on lunar cycles!

9. Some people would be more likely to faint

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The full moon may also cause nerve reactions in some people to the point of fainting.

10. Do you feel irritable?

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In addition to increasing erratic behaviour and causing sleep disorders, a full moon could make you irritable, sad and even irritable! It would be the electromagnetic radiation on the cells of the human body that would create all these emotional reactions by having a direct effect on the nervous system.

11. Are your menstrual cycles regular?


Scientists do not entirely agree on this. According to some studies, the moon helps to regulate menstrual cycles, while others simply say the opposite. In any case, it influences the human body!

12. The moon would increase erratic behaviour


If you feel that you don’t have your whole head completely in a full moon period, this is normal. It would seem that the moon is the cause of many erratic behaviours. According to a publication of the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, the full moon and the influence of its gravity level on Earth are believed to be the cause of social discord and tensions. Another study conducted over 5 years reportedly even revealed an increase in violence during the full moons.

13. The moon also influences the temperature


The moon also has consequences on the temperature on Earth. Indeed, know that during a full moon period the temperature of the thermometer rises by 3 hundredths of a degree Celsius.

14. The moon would have consequences on the weather

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Yes, we know that tides are caused by the gravitational force of the moon, but what about other weather conditions? It seems that rain can be caused by the appearance (or not) of the moon. The University of Arizona compared data from 1200 weather stations in the United States. What are its findings? The rain is heavier 2 days after the full moon.