Times People Got Back Drivers Who Parked Unlawfully In The Most Perfect Way

Not everyone knows how to park well. However, some drivers will have learned a good lesson after parking their car illegally...


Although driving is a very common thing, it is clear that many people have little talent when it comes to sitting behind the wheel. Indeed, some people are the cause of many road accidents due to dangerous maneuvers while others park anywhere, ignoring the established rules. Although we would like to have more than one car insurance policy in case we meet these types of drivers on the road, unfortunately, this is not possible. However, we can try to educate them. Some bold and creative people have decided to teach a good lesson to drivers who have parked illegally. Here’s how they did it!

1. A surprise package

Some people react more strongly than others. Most people do nothing when they see a car improperly parked, while others decide to make the vehicle owner understand that parking in two spaces is to be avoided with a large amount of plastic packaging. Is that a good thing to do? No. But it has the merit of being funny.

2. To great evils great means!

It is forbidden to park next to a fire hydrant, and not for no reason! Indeed, they are essential in the event of fires. Unfortunately, some people seem not to be aware of this or, at least, not to care, as is the case with the driver of this car. However, firefighters had to have access to the precious fire hydrant. Result? They broke the car windows and passed the hose through the vehicle. To great evils great means!

3. Grocery baskets as reinforcement

Grocery baskets are certainly very convenient when you go to the supermarket. It also seems that they can be very useful to let people know that they can’t park and that they should be more conscientious the next time they buy the ingredients they need to prepare their dinner!

4. Receive treatment worthy of your person

If you act like a scumbag by not respecting parking rules, you can only expect one thing: that you will be treated as such…

5. Revenge with several axes

We are not sure what is wrong with this driver’s parking, but certainly, someone who had several axes didn’t like it. Luckily, the driver was not in the vehicle when the person with the axes ventured into the area!

6. Opting for intimidation

Sometimes it takes several people to get a message across. These drivers have understood this well. They decided to get together to make a driver understand that parking illegally could have consequences… like getting stuck between several cars!

7. When the garbage cans block your way

We agree that the signs are sometimes a little unclear, especially about the hours of parking allowed. However, it is sometimes quite obvious that we are not allowed to park in certain places. It’s sometimes written on garage doors and other times… on huge garbage cans. If you do not follow the simple “no parking” sign, you can not only expect to make one or more people angry but also get blocked by garbage cans!

8. Your car does not allow you to do everything

It is quite normal not to want to scratch your car, especially if it is worth a small fortune. Of course, just because you want to take care of your car and keep it impeccable doesn’t mean you have to park twice. This driver will have learned it the hard way. One person had the creative idea of giving a “prize” to this skillful driver.

9. An attitude of a princess

Driving lessons are not useless. Indeed, we learn several rules of conduct, including those concerning parking techniques. This person did not listen during his classes or cares little about the rules, because he made a real “princess parking lot” as if he could afford everything. However, someone made it clear to him ironically that this was not the case!

10. Another winner!

Because he couldn’t park, this bad driver won a “pretty” prize: the most disastrous parking lot in existence. If this does not encourage him to be more careful, it may be a little embarrassing.

11. Have you ever been left a note on your windshield?

When you see a note written on your windshield, it’s never a good sign… It’s either a ticket or someone hitting our car or an insult. That’s right! Sometimes people take two minutes to write to us about their dissatisfaction with our parking technology. The person who left this note owns a monster truck. Let’s just say it doesn’t make you want to park badly again!

12. A cleaning as terrible as the parking of this driver

It is sometimes difficult to park. We only have to think of the parallel parking lots in the heart of the city center! It must be said that this person did not have any difficulty parking. She just wanted to prevent another person from hooking up her luxury car. A person showed her that her parking was awful using cones, toilet paper, and banners.

13. An original napkin

A person was very original when he or she saw a driver park in duplicate. Instead of getting angry, she decided to leave a note on a napkin signed “Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman”. Let us hope that the bad driver has learned his lesson, “for the good of all mankind”.

14. Have you seen the yellow line?

The driver of the red car would have done better to park between the yellow lines. Indeed, it would have saved him from having his yellow line on the hood of his car… Let’s hope for him that it’s not too hard to remove!

15. A tailor-made parking space

Although Smarts are known to be small cars that are easy to drive and park, this driver didn’t understand that he couldn’t park anywhere. However, one person made this clear to him in a fairly obvious way by using several wooden boards…

16. Watch out: a picture of your car could be on the Internet

With the democratization of new technologies, everything is now available. You could even find a picture of your car badly parked! At least that’s what happened to the driver of that badly parked car. He found a small note on his windshield warning him that a picture of his car would be on the Internet.

17. Is your car parked in the wrong place? We could move it!

When your car is badly parked in winter, the tow truck moves it and you must then find it in the surrounding streets. But what happens during the summer season? It may be that someone (or rather several people) is in charge of moving it by the energy and motivation of their anger…

18. Here is a guide to help you park

If you are having trouble parking properly, you may need some directions to get there. One person took the trouble to give this bad driver an instruction guide to ensure that the situation would not happen again. This has the merit of being clear!

19. Demonstrate anger through art

If you park badly and compromise pedestrian safety, you may attract the wrath of some people. This driver learned it quite obviously. His car was the object of a red and yellow “artistic” assault.

20.  The message is very clear

We could elaborate at length on the meaning of these five letters, but it would be useless. The person who did the graffiti had only one intention: to tell the driver of the vehicle that he thinks he is stupid. The message is very clear.