Celine Dion: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Her!

We think we know the international star Celine Dion, but there are still a few secrets you probably never heard about her.


If you’ve never heard of Celine Dion, it’s probably because you’ve lived in the woods without television, radio and the Internet in the last 30 years. This international star makes crowds react no matter where she sets foot. Loved and adored, Celine has a flamboyant personality and a big bank account but some information about her remains unknown to the public. Here are 15 interesting ones.

15. Her weight

Criticized for having lost a lot of weight in recent months, Celine Dion decided to talk about it one last time to stop the rumors. Several rumors said that her weight loss was not healthy and that it could even have been related to drugs or food problems.

She says she’s always been thin, but she’s just more careful than before. She started ballet and strength training. She also urged her fans and media to stop body-shaming her. She’s right, it’s none of our business.

14. She almost died at 5 years old

After being hit by a truck at the age of 5, Celine Dion suffered a skull fracture and remained in a coma for nearly a week. Fortunately, she was able to get away with it without any consequences!

His family, who did not have much money at the time, we’re able to benefit from health insurance, which is free in Quebec. The bill would have been very high if it had been in the United States.

13. She was the owner of a restaurant


Known only in Quebec, Nickels Grill & Bar restaurants were originally created by Celine Dion. She opened it in 1990 and it becomes a huge success in Canada. There are now 11 restaurants in Quebec, but too few people know that the international star is behind these places.

One thing is certain, his loan for the purchase of the restaurant is probably already repaid to the bank…

12. Singing in how many languages?

Celine Dion speaks French and English and everyone knows it. But very few people know that she can also sing in 6 other languages: Spanish, Italian, German, Latin, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. No need to have university degrees to learn, Celine is the proof!

11. She hated the song “My Heart Will Go On”!

The song “My heart will go on” heard in the original film Titanic became a worldwide success in 1997. A few years later, she admitted that she had never believed in the success of the song and that she was convinced that it would never become popular! Fortunately, she sang it anyway!

10. Her mom hated her relationship with René

Of course, any mother would probably have hated Celine and René’s relationship in the beginning! Their enormous age difference and René Angelil’s past life were two very difficult points for Thérèse Tanguay-Dion to accept. She wished her youngest daughter a Prince Charming. In the end, Celine’s mother did not win. Fortunately, their relationship worked!

9. The biggest family

You have one or two brothers and sisters and you think you have a big family? Wait till you see Celine’s! The international star is the youngest of 14 children! That’s a lot of shopping when the school year starts.

8. Her name comes from a song

It was a song by Hugues Aufray, a French singer, that inspired the name of our favorite star. It seems that Celine’s parents had already seen their daughter’s potential before she was even born with a name related to a song!

7. Younger Than Her Own Stepson


Before meeting Celine, René had already been married twice. He had even had three children. The funny thing is that René’s eldest son is a few months older than his mother-in-law.

6. She almost says goodbye to her voice

Celine lost her voice a few years ago due to laryngitis and exhaustion. Forced to stop singing, she had to push a few dates on her world tour to rest. If she had not respected her doctor’s rules, she would probably have lost the voice that made us fall under his spell. Fortunately, she was a good girl!

5. The name of their children

Celine and René took a long time to choose the names of their twins. They absolutely wanted the names to be meaningful. It is in honor of the songwriter who produced 5 of her albums, Eddy Marnary, that one of her sons was named. Nelson is a reference to the well-known Nelson Mandela.

4. She donate $1 million

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina occurred. It was one of the most powerful hurricanes in U.S. history and one of the top 10 most powerful hurricanes in the world ever recorded. Of course, this natural disaster caused a lot of damage in some parts of the world and Celine wanted to help. She gave $1 million to the hurricane victims. It wasn’t the first time she made these kinds of donations!

3. Her brother died the same week as her husband

The Telegraph

Celine Dion lost her husband, René Angelil, in January 2016. The whole world has heard about this tragic death. On the other hand, she was very discreet about her brother’s death that same week. Both men left him because of cancer.

2. It’s All Coming Back To Me Now


The very famous song It’s All Coming Back To Me Now was not supposed to be sung by Celine Dion. It was supposed to be performed by Meat Loaf, but the singer preferred to leave it to a female voice. So Celine inherited it.

1. A dental treatment

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Celine had been given the little nickname of crooked teeth by the media and she didn’t like it! Having been often criticized for the appearance of her teeth and smile by the media, the famous singer decided to do some surgeries to change her appearance.