Best Senior Discounts on shopping stores and movie theaters!


These days, it’s not just grocery stores and restaurants that offer senior discounts. A number of movie theaters and regular stores also drop their prices for the benefit of senior citizens. Here is a list of some of the most popular places to get a senior discount.

1. AMC Theaters


Seniors aged 60 years and above can enjoy 15% off all items at The Bay every first Tuesday of the month. Don’t wait any longer and take advantage of your discount now. In addition to having beautiful clothes for a low price, you can find accessories, perfumes and more.

2. Kohl’s


Seniors aged 60 and above can enjoy a 15% in-store discount at Kohl’s on Wednesdays. Customers wanting to take advantage of this discount will need to bring a valid ID.

3. Carmike Cinemas

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Carmike Cinemas already offer great value for money, with tickets priced much lower than comparable movie theater chains. Even better, seniors aged 65 pay even less for admission, thanks to their 35% senior discount.

4. Walgreens


Whether shopping for beauty products or filling their prescription, seniors should note that Walgreens has a Senior Savings Day once a month, where customers aged 55 and above can enjoy 20% off in-store purchases and 10% off online shopping. These discounts are only available for members of their Balance Reward program and the exact day varies according to the location, so be sure to check ahead.

5. Michael’s


Michaels is popular among seniors and for good reason: 10% off each and every day, even on items on sale! Seniors must be aged 55 and above and bring a valid ID to take advantage of this offer. What’s more, military personnel and teachers can also receive 10 to 15% off. Needless to say, Michael’s really wants your business!

6. Shoppers Drug Mart

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Shoppers Drug Mart has a Seniors Day every Thursday, where seniors aged 65 and above can get 20% off regularly priced items. To take advantage of this discount, seniors must bring along their Shoppers Optimum card. All in all, Shoppers can claim to be the best drugstore when it comes to seniors.

7. Ross Stores


Stocking a range of brands at bargain prices, Ross Stores offers great shopping for seniors. Those aged 55 and above can also join the Every Tuesday Club at Ross Stores to get 10% off every Tuesday.

8. Laemmle Theaters

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Seniors aged 62 and above looking for a good deal can head on down to Laemmle Theaters, where it’s $6 on Wednesdays for movies starting before 6 pm. There’s even a special Senior Week once a year when it’s $6 before 6 pm every day. Seniors can also try the Senior Concessions Combo, which is available at any time and includes a fountain drink and a small serving of popcorn for only $5.

9. Kmart

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One of the top 5 global discount chains, Kmart, is a discounting powerhouse with 1,327 stores and superstores. They also offer discounts to seniors, with 20% off Gold K prescriptions for seniors aged 50 and above. We see this as a pretty good reason to do your purchases there.

10. Cinemark/Century Theaters

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Senior citizens enjoy great offers at Cinemark, with up to 35% off regularly priced cinema tickets. Monday is Seniors Day, when all ticket prices are reduced by a further 10% for seniors. Please note that Seniors Day prices are not available for IMAX, Cinemark XD, Xtreme, and Special Engagement showings.

11. Marcus Theaters

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Marcus Theaters has a Young at Heart program aimed at seniors aged 60 and above. The seniors can pay $6 to view any show starting before 5:30 pm on a Friday. This should be no problem for people in retirement.

12. Banana Republic


With its fashionable yet versatile and comfortable range, Banana Republic offers modern apparel to complement your wardrobe. What’s more, seniors aged 50 years and above usually get a 10% discount. As this can change depending on the store’s location, it’s best to check with your local outlet to make sure.

13. Regal Cinemas


AARP members wanting to catch the latest movie can go online to purchase Regal ePremiere Tickets for only $10 and then print them out themselves. These tickets can be used for any movie at any showtime at any Regal cinema and no recliner surcharge is added. What’s more, AARP members over 60 years of age who are also Regal Crown Club members can use the Regal Mobile App to get $3 off a popcorn and soft drink combo.

14. Hallmark


You may not drop by your local Hallmark store every day, but it’s worth taking advantage of their special senior discount day each week when you do need something. Seniors aged 65 and above can receive 10% off on selected days, which vary according to the store location, so be sure to check in advance.

Seniors aged 60 and above looking to wind down with a movie can head to their local AMC, where they can enjoy 30% off the regular admission price at most locations. Or, better still, wait for Tuesday because it’s Senior Day at some AMC theaters, offering a jaw-dropping 60% discount on tickets! That definitely one of the best offers on the market for seniors.

15. The Bay


16. Showcase Cinemas

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Not only does it have locations in five US states, but Showcase Cinemas also offers Senior Wednesdays, with a special all-day admission price of $7.50. Customers aged 60 and above can also receive special discounts at the concessions stand.

17. Salvation Army Thrift Stores

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Salvation Army Thrift Stores have a great range of bargains on pretty much anything, from books and sports equipment to electronics, household goods, clothing, and more. The majority of locations offer 15-50% discounts for seniors aged 55 and above on certain days of the week. The actual discount day varies depending on the location, with Wednesdays being the most common. Now that you are in retirement, it’s the time to go ahead on your DIY project ideas.