Dental Implants For Seniors: A Beautiful Smile Beyond Your Seventies

With age, teeth tend to deteriorate for several reasons. Fortunately, dental implants can restore your smile and improve your quality of life!


Dental care is immeasurably better now than it was in the past, and it’s improving all the time. Still, many millions of Americans lose their teeth, either through periodontal disease, injury, or tooth decay. It used to be that the only way of filling the gaps left by missing teeth was with dentures and bridges, but dental implants have changed all that.

5. What are dental implants?

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A dental implant is effectively a replacement tooth. Like natural teeth, they are anchored to your jaw bone. They are built of ceramic materials around small titanium anchors. Dental implants are the most long-lasting way of replacing missing teeth. They’re screwed into your jawbone, into the same sockets your natural teeth once sat in. The titanium rods used to anchor teeth fuse with the jawbone so that the implant is as securely rooted as a natural tooth.

When the rods have been inserted, crowns are attached to their tops, making the replacement teeth as securely attached as your natural teeth. The crowns of implants are carefully crafted to copy your natural teeth exactly. Dental implants remain permanently in your mouth; unlike dentures or bridges, they are never taken out. Because they are so firmly rooted in your jawbone, dental implants will, in nearly every case, last you the rest of your life. They never require adjustment or resizing, as they are already exactly fitted to the natural shape of your jaw bone.

4. Advantages of dental implants

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Dental implants have numerous advantages, which include:

  • Better appearance: in both appearance and feel, dental implants resemble natural teeth, and by fusing with the bone they are a permanent part of your mouth.
  • Better speech: people with badly fitting dentures find that they can slip when talking which causes mumbling or slurring. Dental implants abolish this problem.
  • Better comfort: dental implants are as comfortable as natural teeth; dentures, on the other hand, can often feel uncomfortable and unnatural.
  • Better eating: dentures may slide about and make it hard to chew. Dental implants, working like natural teeth, meaning you can face any type of food confidently and pain-free.
  • Better self-esteem: with dental implants, you no longer need to be afraid to smile, which boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Better oral health: bridges need other teeth to be reduced to fit; this is not the case with dental implants. As neighboring teeth are not modified, less damage is done to your remaining teeth, which is better for your dental health in the future. Furthermore, with individual implants, it’s easier to get between teeth for flossing, which again boosts your dental health.
  • Longer-lasting: implants are built with very resistant materials and so can last for decades; well looked after, many people will have them for the rest of their lives.
  • More convenient: removable dentures are inconvenient, can be embarrassing, and require special cleaning procedures and adhesives. None of this applies to dental implants.

3. Dental implants: the price


There’s no denying that dental implants are a highly specialized and delicate process, requiring the services of a cosmetic dentist or oral surgeon, and this can, of course, run into money. Many people feel that they will not be able to afford dental implants, particularly if they need multiple teeth replaced. Depending on your choice of surgeon and materials, just one tooth implant can cost anything between $1500 and $6700. The good news though is that dental implants have fallen considerably in price, and it’s possible to get a really good deal by shopping around.

New materials and 3D printing mean that dental implants are very much cheaper now than in the past. A report by Mark McOmie in Dental Economics stated that a tooth that once cost around $600 has now dropped in price to around $150. All of the pieces of modern dental implants are now cheaper than they once were, and this is reflected in lower prices for patients. To find the best deal on dental implants, you’ll have to shop around. Find out about the oral surgeons operating in your area and the different options they can offer. Find out about the lower-priced options available, and look out for special seniors discounts.

In addition to searching for good-priced implants, you could think about getting implants from a dental school. Trainee dentists at the schools provide dental implants much more cheaply than standard dentists, but there is no difference in quality or safety as they are supervised by highly experienced dentists at all times. You can also save many hundreds of dollars on the price of implants if you have a dental discount plan or dental insurance.

Always search as far as you are prepared to travel for the best price for dental implants, whether that’s within your neighborhood, your city, or your state. Look online, read reviews, and compare the prices offered on websites. Regrettably, dental implants are not usually part of dental insurance policies at the moment. You may be able to claim costs back through your medical plan, depending on its terms and conditions and the reason you have lost a tooth. You should consult with both your insurance company and your dentist as to what you require and how insurance can help.

2. Safety and longevity


Implants represent a safe form of treatment that has been available for many years now. Just as with your natural teeth, implants will continue to serve you well provided you look after them. Caring for implants and attending regular appointments for checkups is crucial to making them last as long as possible. Neglecting your implants will cause the same problems you would get if you neglected your natural teeth, i.e., discomfort, soreness, bleeding, and gum infections. However, if you take good care of your implants and the bone into which they are implanted remains robust, then they can last a lifetime. Due to the many variables that can affect teeth, however, as with other types of surgery like hip replacements, they cannot be guaranteed for life.

1. Find out if dental implants are right for you


If you have any missing teeth, it most likely affects your confidence and prevents you from smiling as you would like, enjoying your favorite foods, etc. Many seniors in the US suffer this embarrassing problem unnecessarily. With dental implants, anyone of any age can have that perfect smile. Dental implants can reduce inconvenience and boost confidence. They are unquestionably the most effective way of replacing any missing natural teeth. In addition, they are considerably more affordable than you might think.

If you wish to discover if affordable dental implants are suitable for you, you must research your options. Look around, compare prices and practices, and find out just how dental implants can provide a life-enhancing change to your appearance.